Retrieve Custom Data

Retrieve Custom Data

This API endpoint enables you to retrieve custom data by specifying various query parameters. It serves as a valuable tool for efficiently accessing specific custom data records based on the provided filters.

To retrieve custom data, make a request to this endpoint with the necessary query parameters. You can filter the results by IDs, custom data type, limit the number of records, and specify an offset for pagination.

Query Parameters

idsArray of Int32sList of custom data IDs to retrieve.
CustomDataTypeIdint32Select only custom data that belongs to this custom data type.
Limitint32Specify how many records to be included in the list. Default is 100. Max is 100.
Offsetint32Specify how many records to skip.

Example Request

GET https://{baseUrl}/v1/CustomData?ids=1,2,3&CustomDataTypeId=5&Limit=50&Offset=10

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