Date Format Guidelines

Date Format Guidelines

Under this section, you can find information regarding the format of dates in queries and parameters, as well as the response format within the system.

Format for Query Dates

To ensure consistent handling of dates within the system, it is important to follow the specified format. When supplying dates in a query or parameter for specific endpoints, please adhere to the format YYYY-MM-DD.


Using this format ensures accurate specification of the desired date range for your queries.

Response Format: ISO 8601

When receiving a response from the endpoint, dates will be presented in the ISO 8601 format. The format follows a structured pattern as shown below:

Format ExampleDate
ISO 86012023-05-17T16:16:29Z

This format provides precise information about the date and time when the data was added to the system.

Understanding and recognizing the ISO 8601 format in the responses will enable you to effectively interpret and utilize the date and time information provided by the system.